Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 29 & 30: Farewell My Favorite Month

This last week has not been a good week for following through with the 30 day AG blog challenge. It's not that I have been busier than usual, because I haven't...but I've been busy making memories with my sweetheart (who I only see for short periods of time every couple of months or so). Do you think you could forgive me for not keeping up with the challenge? I hope so!

It's been an interesting week (and month), one filled with the highest highs and the lowest not anywhere near the lowest lows. There has been an engagement, a vehicle breakdown, plans being changed, my final Masters project ending, and to top the boy's visit off...a train ride :)

I don't know what it is about my farm boy (and most farm boys) but if it is big and it runs on diesel...he is so there. Without question. 

So we went and experienced the Big South Fork Scenic Railway, which is definitely southern Kentucky almost to Tennessee. The Big South Fork Recreational Area actually falls in both Kentucky and Tennessee but that's another one of my random facts you will probably never need. To make it even better we rode in the cab with the engineer...Hallelujah and Praise the Lord! 

It's not a very long train trip, 2 hours time-wise, but only about 10 miles one-way (20 miles round-trip...I'm really bad with numbers so I thought I would just help you out haha). But it's still a pretty one and takes a quick half hour stop at an old coal camp in Stearns. One of Cody's goals in life? Getting inside of a coal mine. My goal? Me surviving him surviving that trip. Don't get me wrong, coal mining is an honorable profession...but I would never have survived being a coal miner's wife. It would give me an ulcer, a heart attack and turn me into a bitter old woman before my time. 

But riding in the cab? Definitely made the trip worthwhile. Not only did we get to ride forwards...we experienced driving backwards, uphill, as well. Jealous? I am. Now if only you could witness a Wisconsinite trying to figure out what Kentuckians are saying...major accent differences!

So at the end of my favorite month of the year I wouldn't change a thing. Especially since I still have one more night to enjoy the company of my sweetheart...who looks awfully lonely on the couch which means it's time to end this post. Enjoy the photo montage and help me in saying: Farewell November! Helllllooooo December :)

I get to ride in the cab?!?

Barthell Coal Camp

Kentucky and Tennessee Rail Way Cars

This is what it looks like to drive a train backwards

And this is how tight the path is...wanna touch some rocks??

Farewell, Farewell.

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