Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 12: Getting Loopy

My dogs loooove heated blankets
Items I could not live without:
o   My family & babies (Do they count as an item? If they were doll-size I would be able to carry them with me all the night. That might come in handy. Or not.)
o   Frozen pizzas-delicious and nutritious!
o   Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas. Hallmark in general actually!
o   Chocolate-seriously, how do people live without chocolate?
o   Disney movies-enough said
o   Electric blankets-ever lived in houses that cost a fortune to heat so you keep the heat up just enough so the pipes don’t freeze? You truly understand the value of heated blankets after that!

Tegan says "forget working out, I'm freezing!"
Why did you need to know all of these facts? Well I spent my day doing very manual labor (not complaining, just stating a fact). And all I wanted to do was curl up on my couch under my heated blanket, eat chocolate and pizza and watch a montage of Hallmark & Disney movies. You wish you were that cool right? Which leads me to a thought I had the other day (yep another day full of manual labor, heated blankets, frozen pizzas, and the rest of the list haha).

I have a lot of big ideas. Some are probably out of orbit and others may be more possible. But if Disney has taught me anything it’s to dream big and that if you work hard enough the impossible can become possible.

One of my not-so-good ideas is to start a boot camp. I think it will be titled “Getting Fit on The Farm”…and will mostly consist of hauling feed buckets/bags and pigs. And eating Stouffer’s freezer French Bread Pizzas because you are too tired to cook for yourself when you come home. I know, I know, eating 1 almost every night is embarrassing. But they are delicious. And nutritious (pizza is a food group right?). And hey, the workout/food plan has worked well for me. I think I’ve regained most of the muscle I have lost from inactivity over the past year in the last month.

We could throw hay bales in sports bras. The guys would love that. Me? Not so much…hay is itchy! It could be a reality TV show. Then again, maybe not such a good idea.

Just be glad I don’t drink coffee…I shudder to think what awful ideas I would come up with then!

I looked it up and nobody who uses the word Farm in their Fit title (Get Fit on The Farm, Get Farm Fit, Go Fit Farm)…none of them actually do anything Farm-like! As long as nobody steals this terrible idea then I should be golden.

I fear for my future children. Seriously.

Au revoir Tuesday!


  1. Your "farm boot camp" is an awesome idea. No, really! At the end of it, you could connect the "winners/losers" with farmers who need workers who can actually work. LOL

    Have a great Wednesday!

    1. Now there's an idea! This may have to go on the books for the future ;)