Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 16: A Vision Of The Future

It's nearing the end of another cozy Fall Saturday here in my little corner of the world.

I spent my afternoon and evening sewing, which allowed me a lot of time to think. And it never ceases to amaze me what thoughts come up when one allows their mind to wander.

As I sewed my quilt squares to the wonderful sights and sounds of Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas, I had a vision of the future. I saw myself in a cozy warm home decorated to the nines with Christmas lights, the smell of dinner and dessert still floating in the air, with the family gathered around watching Christmas movies while the fire glowed.

OK, I know everybody has envisioned that at some point in their life. The difference is (except for the fireplace), I've experienced this scene. I just never saw myself playing such a major role in it in the future.

A couple years ago, maybe even a couple months ago, if you had told me that Suzy Homemaker was going to be my new nickname, I would have laughed you out of the room. Yea I've always enjoyed being with my family and taking care of them but Suzy? Never.

Apparently living alone has opened doors I didn't know needed to be opened. Like the one that has me sewing quilts. How does a person go from making pillows to sewing quilts? For about a year of my life I think everybody in the family ended up with like 10 pillows. They were my gift of choice at the time. My grandma still has and uses some of them (which honestly surprises me that they have lasted as long as they have).  That was years ago though! Like at least 10.

The other door? Cooking. I mean I have always loved to eat. Who doesn't? But cooking was something other people did. Apparently it is now something I do. Maybe not something I always succeed at, but something I have discovered brings me great satisfaction. Not to mention collecting recipes on Pinterest, off websites, from cooking shows, etc etc is a great user of time. Makes for some wonderfully delightful procrastination periods :)

So while vacuuming and other cleaning duties remain my least favorite activities, there are other traditional homemaker desires that have reared their heads. Does that mean I will forego the stock chores and any other outside activities in favor of sitting inside doing household chores? Definitely not. But apparently the domestic bug has bitten me.

Let's just hope the wanting a baby stays far far away for at least 5 more years. At least.

In the meantime, I will cease to sew for the evening and curl up to watch my Hallmark movies. And thank the Good Lord for a boyfriend who doesn't mind figuring out quilt square measurements for me. And smile as I think how much I have grown over the years. Maybe not vertically...but mentally ;)

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend! *Hugs*

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