Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 24: Romance Is Overrated

Little did I know when I wrote yesterday's post that today would definitely require a sense of humor. The boy had promised me a belated birthday breakfast (that he was going to make). Unfortunately he left his bag of free potatoes at Wisconsin.

Forgetting the taters for your tater-loving girlfriend? Not the best start to a birthday breakfast.

B: How about pancakes?
Me: I just made pancakes a week or two ago. How bout you just pull those out of the freezer and heat them up?
B: Fine
*Pancakes get eaten (while watching Die Hard 2...oh joy haha)*

As I was eating breakfast I called my mom because my sister has been having car troubles and I figured I better catch them before they left for work and went to church. So we chatted away and I got up to do the dishes. At this point the boy started grumbling and kept yelling at me to sit down. But I was don't mess with a woman when she's cleaning. Especially not when she's cleaning and talking to her Mama.

When I finally sat down, he pulled his pinkie finger out with a ring on it and said "Wanna get hitched?"

Oh be still my fluttering heart. The sheer romance of the whole situation still takes my breath away ;) I am still laughing about that...apparently by not sitting still I ruined his plan. Although I don't see how it could have gotten anymore romantic than it did.

Some people make elaborate plans. My boy? True romantic. All the way.

But I'm not complaining. Not at all. Because if the boy had proposed to me in a really imaginative way I would have wondered what the heck had happened to the guy I knew. The farmer who buys me a truck but keeps it for himself...because he needs it more than I do right now. The man who drives 10 hours one-way just to see me whenever he can. Who spends hours doing pig work on his vacation...especially on the day he proposed to his girlfriend. I could go on, but my boy is not overtly romantic. Or emotional. But that doesn't mean he doesn't love me. And wouldn't move heaven and earth to protect me.

It's pretty funny how things turn out. I am one of the biggest romantics in the world...I cry during Disney movies, Hallmark movies, books, etc. And now I am marrying one of the world's most secret romantics...who just doesn't know how to show it. No worries though, at least we have the right outlook on life...just the like the couple in this article.

So whadya say? Wanna get hitched? :)

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