Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 9: Saturday Thankfulness

It’s a beautiful crisp Saturday here in Kentucky. Not that I am out enjoying it (silly pig work), but I’m sure I will be later!

Because UK’s campus becomes relatively inaccessible during home football games, I got up at 5am this morning to make sure I was going to be in my building before the parking lot guarders wouldn’t let me in to take care of the pigs. They are always convinced I am going to try and sneak into the football games. Trust me I have better things to do than waste my time watching UK lose yet another football game!

So what do you do when you are at school at 5:30am on a Saturday? You feed your pigs, watch video footage from the Preference Trial (as if I don’t watch my pigs enough every day already!), talk to your mom, talk to your boyfriend, talk to your mom again, then spend hours Christmas shopping online. 

While I was Christmas shopping, I decided to turn one of my iHeartRadio stations on. Apparently iHeart knows that I am dating a boy from Wisconsin because the ad that came on before my station did was for Fleet Farm. Which exists mostly in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I would never have known this if I weren’t dating Cody. Dear iHeartRadio, what are you trying to tell me here?

Whew. Now that I have been industrious wasted enough time, it’s time to go collect pee and poop. I know you’re jealous ;) 

Because it is Saturday and I have already been rather industrious pretend busy this morning, I’m going to take a moment at the end of this Saturday post and say that I love November. It brings with it tidings of the holiday season and every year reminds me how much I love my family

We don’t have much money but we have all we need. It’s never an expensive Christmas at our house…but as long as we are together, do we really need all that material stuff? Not at all.

So as I go do my pig work I will be reminiscing on all the fun times we have had as a family. I mean there are 4 girls…doesn’t that speak for itself? :) And I will remain forever thankful that even through all the recent ups and downs we still have each other. 

What are you thankful for?

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