Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 14: A Ghost Tour...In November

I do not like Ghost Tours.

I love history. To the point if I could have been a History major and done anything with my life from there on out I would have.

But Ghost Tours? No.

Maybe it's because I grew up in a very historic area-one where the Revolutionary War and the Civil War camped in my backyard. Literally. And who knows what happened before and after those major events.

There were too many instances growing up where things could not be explained. The toilets that flushed by themselves. The sound of men playing card games in our dining room in the middle of the night. (Remember this was before the TV was on all day and night). The sound of children running and laughing outside when there were no children within miles that were not my sisters and I. That eerie feeling of being watched, especially in the middle of the night.

You may call me crazy, but I believe in ghosts. As such, I have always refused to go on ghost tours. For years my sisters wanted to go on one in Charleston, SC (my grandparents live there) but I always absolutely refused. Many dark and sinister things have happened in that historic city. I've read many tales of possible hauntings...there was no way I would be going on a ghost tour there.

I won't even watch A Haunting or shows like that after dark. Because afterwards every creak and groan in my house causes my heart to jump. I will even wake from dead sleeps to strange noises. 

So it may be a little bizarre that I ended up going on a Ghost Tour Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, KY.

Here are some of the things I learned:

Buffalo Trace is the longest continuously running distillery in Kentucky.

There were tons of prescriptions written for medicinal whiskey during Prohibition.

The barrel storage building is truly creepy. Seriously.

There were a lot of cool stories that I probably should remember buuut I was distracted by the scenery. I mean it's a pretty big operation (300-350,000 barrels of bourbon aging at this moment). I think I may have to drag the boy back in the daytime for a different tour.

Oh did I mention that one of the girls I went with got a picture of an orb, really close to where we were sitting? Seriously.

Those 2 "tastes" of product we were given at the end of the tour? They were good...but they reminded why I don't drink hard liquor. Call me cheap but beer is my friend. Hard liquor is my enemy.

All in all it was a perfect end to a long day. A walk through a historic landmark on a crisp fall evening with friends. Does it get any better? Maybe sleeping in tomorrow ;)

My Birthday Barrel! Not too shabby a logo either ;)

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