Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 15: I Am Not The Usual...

Every day is an adventure. I'm not just saying that. I truly mean it. Every day brings something new. Whether it is some pig crisis, family crisis, new and surprising event, or broadening my horizons in all ways.

I find myself bombarded everyday with people telling me that my pigs stink. My response is always Wah wah wah wah (especially since all the complaints come from fellow Animal Science individuals).

I clean too much. I don't clean enough. I move the pigs and make the smell increase. I leave the pigs and the smell is unbearable. The list goes on and on. Yea, pigs have a distinct odor but what animal doesn't? I never comment on the smell of cattle or sheep or the horse poop slurries that overtake the lab my office is in (well except for now) so why does everybody rag on the pigs? If somebody could explain this to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Seriously.

It's a good thing I have a good sense of humor, am extremely pig-headed (hah!), and I have strong faith that things will work out the way they are supposed to. But it doesn't stop the doubts...which is where the rest of this blog post comes into play.

I have read many great posts today about being a female Farmer. They were fantastic pieces combating the stereotypes that farmers are plagued with. Yes, there are many women in Agriculture and we are increasing everyday.

Which led me to this:

I am not the usual. None of us are the usual. Every person in Agriculture has a different story, a different background, and slightly different interests, but one common goal: doing what we love every day...and feeding the world in the process.

I don't have a family farm to go back to. Cody and I will have to start from scratch somewhere. Someday. Waiting is hard. Limbo is NOT where I like to be.

I read the stories from all the amazing men and women in agriculture and I find myself so overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with respect, admiration, pride that they are living the life they love and sharing their stories, and every now and then I find myself jealous.

Jealous because I want to be where they are.

But I am doing the best I can by finishing grad school. It may be years before we finally settle down and start a farm. Everything will come when it should, I just need to learn some more patience I think. Oh yea and limbo SUCKS.

I am dating a wonderful guy who would do anything for me. Even though most of the time choking him sounds like a viable option. But he's a guy, so that's a common reaction right? *If you say No then I am definitely in trouble here ;) ....*

I am so thankful for the opportunities I have been given thus far but I just can't stop myself from wanting MORE. Wanting more has shown me new worlds so far...I just need to reaffirm that everything will be OK. So in the meantime...I am not the usual. But there is no usual. And I can only be who I am and feel what I feel. Even if the emotions are a little bit ugly...BUT if you want to read some amazing stories by fantastic Women In Agriculture, check out the following links. I promise it will be worth it!

Minnesota Farm Living 
The Pinke Post (she is doing a 30 day series on Women in Agriculture)
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