Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wedding Plans Are Overrated...How Bout We Get Married Covered in Dirt?

I’m not one of those girls who has had her wedding planned out forever.

In fact I’m not even sure I really believed that I would ever get married. (Hello crazy dog lady!)

So when it’s come to making wedding plans my plan has been to make none. And I mean none.

It’s not that it hasn’t been discussed in an abstract sort of way but as far as the legit details? They don’t exist.

The boy and I really don’t like weddings. It’s not that we don’t like to see other people happy…weddings just aren’t our style. We don’t want to spend a lot of money. We really don’t want the traditional. And the thought of having a bash for something that requires us to be the center of attention (GAG) is not pretty. 

It hit me a couple weeks ago that we are about to go through some massive changes in our lives aka being together and both of us starting new jobs, and I was like HECK let’s just get married in June!

We can get married in the church at home with just our family and then have a casual BBQ with everyone else at a later day. Personally I would rather eat out with different friends every night for however long it took to celebrate than have them all together at one big get together. Intimate is our style for sure.

In a matter of 5 minutes I had the scheme planned out (no wildflowers growing under this ass that’s for sure) and then the boy CRUSHED my plans. Sometimes it is so hard having a Reality Check as a partner.

I just want to be married. But I think those plans have been officially pushed back until the fall. For now ;)

I also decided that I needed to try on wedding dresses, so I made an appointment at a boutique nearby and did it. The result being that I do not want to wear a traditional wedding dress. It's not that they weren't gorgeous...they just weren't me. Personally I'm feeling a sundress. 

And to be honest I could see Cody and I getting married in dirty jeans and boots and being perfectly OK with that. Dirt is our style. Our witnesses probably wouldn't be so excited about that but Cody and I both attract more dirt than your average person so it really wouldn't be unexpected. Especially when you consider that we have only been on 2 "dates" in our entire relationship. And I mean the kind you dress up for. And even that one we didn't get away without taking pictures with the truck...and of course the tractor :) 

So as far as I am plans are overrated. 

Stay tuned for further craziness…    

                                                                                                …And who knows? Maybe spontaneous will still happen. *hehehe*


  1. The most important is not the wedding but the marriage. That said, we sure made wonderful memories with our own wedding 33 years ago, and, more recently, our daughter and son-in-law's wedding (other than the part where I couldn't sleep for 3 days worrying about details, but that's just me - ha! It all turned out great.) Blessings to you and your fiance as you make wedding plans, but more importantly, as you make a life together.

    1. Kim, I totally agree. The marriage is the most important thing and as far as I am concerned, our wedding day will be a great day but every day after will be even better and even more important.

      No sleep for 3 days?! Whew that was some serious worrying! But I'm glad everything turned out wonderful :) And thank you so much for the blessings...and for commenting! :)