Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Tire From Hell

There are some women who are happy to let a guy do all the manual labor.

There are women who are determined to do the manual labor.

There are women who do the labor until they have reached their limit and then call the guys.

Then there are the women who desperately wish they could hand the task over to the men but just can’t.

I think I managed to run through all 4 of those categories in this adventure.
3 days after Cody flew back to Dairyland, the pickup got a flat tire. That explains the hissing…

No big deal right?

I’ve had quite a few flat tires on my pickup so I wasn’t worried. This was the perfect opportunity to teach my baby sister how to change a tire since we were at home and not in a hurry.

It was all going fantastically well. Got it jacked up, lug nuts off, and then disaster.

Farm girl paging farm boy: Mayday, mayday!

Turns out the tire REALLY didn’t want to come off. And we REALLY didn’t have a sledgehammer. And there were ZERO guys at our disposal at the time.

A day later we ended up caving, calling some farm guys to come beat that stinkin’ tire off, and I rushed it away to get repaired.

*Brushes shoulders off*

All in a day’s work.


Nothing more embarrassing than being defeated by a tire. 

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