Friday, May 23, 2014


Spring in Kentucky means a lot of things:

Adorable foals run in paddocks along almost every roadside.

Races are on at Keeneland, and of course the Derby is run at Churchill Downs.

Spring means rain in Kentucky.

Spring also means Rolex.

What is Rolex you say? It’s a Three Day Event (Dressage, Cross Country, and Stadium Jumping) for horses. A big event in fact. I think there were 80,000 people at the Horse Park the day we went (which was in April...if that tells you how behind in posting I am!)

I tagged along with some horse girls on the Cross Country day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching horse events, but if you have ever watched Cross Country in person then you will know it’s hard to be able to see everything. Unless you walk for miles and stop at every jump. But that’s exhausting and not my idea of fun. I’d rather watch it on TV.

The girls I was with though? That WAS their idea of fun. I took a couple hour break and watched some exhibitions by myself.

But nothing can mar a gorgeous spring day spent outside watching gorgeous horses.

My phone wasn't fast enough...haha

Even if it does result in terrible sunburn that ends in a peeling face. And a nose that looks worse than an alcoholics. But hey, all in a day's work ;)

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