Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Round the World Part One

I’m famous for crazy ideas that usually involve a lot of fast-paced traveling. Some people are born to stay put and some are born to come up with hare-brained schemes. 

 Recently my grandma was moved to a retirement community. It wasn’t her choice and it wasn’t our choice, but it’s what happened. And because the powers-that-be were in a hurry to get the house on the market and the furniture delivery didn’t happen the way that was originally planned, it was up to me to figure something out.

You see there was a bunch of furniture and objects that the family wanted…the only question was how to get them from South Carolina to Virginia without costing an arm and a leg?

With my pickup and trailer of course! Who said stock trailers aren't versatile?

             “Wanna go on a 2 day road trip with me?”
             “That’s going to be more than a 2 day road trip, dear.                                        But let me see what I can do.”

Reason # 6802957340 why I adore the boy more than words can describe J

Luckily, I didn’t have to make this hare-brained trip by myself. And I got the superior backing skills and muscles to boot! Because let’s face it: I am not the world’s greatest at backing trailers up…and especially not in tight quarters. And there’s no way I can pick a recliner up by myself (unlike the big guy). So all in all a major win I would say.

The trip went a little something like this:
         Friday-Drive to WI from KY (to pick up the boy and the truck/trailer)
         Saturday-Drive from WI to SC
         Sunday-Load the trailer & Enjoy the Beach
         Monday-Drive to NC to see Grandma on the way; Drive to VA to unload furniture
         Tuesday-Boy flies back to WI (I took a week break before I drove the truck & trailer back to KY)

We FINALLY stopped to eat breakfast at Fair Oaks Dairy in Indiana. I cannot tell you how many times we have passed this place and wanted to stop...just have never had the time!

Exhausted yet? I know we were!

There are some places in the world that will always be home. My grandparents house on Seabrook Island was one of those places. We went there at least once or twice a year every year of my life. It was so hard to see the door shut on those memories and know that Cody and I won’t be able to share that special place with our kids. But at least I managed to finally get the boy there. Even if it was only for a day, and a bittersweet one at that. We got to enjoy the beach and some nice weather though and the boy got to quench some of his insatiable desire for BBQ (I swear he was born in the wrong part of the country!)

1800 mile road trip in 3 days = not so cheap in diesel
Quality time with the boy including whining, exhaustion, and let’s not even mention the Krispy Kreme fiasco = Priceless

I may be crazy but at least I have a partner in crime J

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