Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Has Sprung…and So Has the Mud.

Rain, Rain, Go Away,
Come Again Another Day...

I've been singing that song every day for the past week. The worst thing about Spring (and Fall) in Kentucky? The fact that it rains alllllllll the time. Guess we know why the grass is always so green now, huh?

Oh and not to mention the random Hail we saw the other day. Luckily it was tiny, the pickup and trailer were very thankful for that. Even if they haven't sent out their thank you notes to Mother Nature yet.

Personally I would rather not have to swim across my yard. Or encounter this icky weird blob stuff. What is this stuff? It looks like intestines that were eaten and thrown back up. And it's all over my driveway and yard. Ick.

I think it's safe to say that Cody loves the mud though. Don't you think? He says he was mapping fields with the GPS to make it easier when it came time to work the dirt up and plant. I think he probably could have waited til it was a little less muddy.

And I think it's safe to say these cows were not happy with the wind and the rain either. If you can't tell due to my crappy cell phone picture-they are all standing in the corner of the field by the gate praying for the sun to come out. Now. But as you can tell from the puddle that could eat a vehicle…the sun hadn't been out in quite some time.

So for anyone who has encountered me in the past week smelling like several day old pig shit and diesel fuel with my face peeling from sunburn, sorry! I missed a few showers thanks to the incessant thunderstorms. It's a good thing Cody likes my "perfume"…cuz I don't think I will be bottling it for sale anytime soon. For now, I will just dream of more blue sky days J

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