Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Am I Doing?

It's a gloomy day here in Kentucky. And I don't mean it's an awful day. Simply one of those days where the sun didn't show its face this morning. So even though I woke up in a good mood, its turned into one of those days where you end up in a depressing mood for no apparent reason.

On days like this I often find myself wondering
       What am I doing with my life?
       Do I really have any skills that are useful to anybody?

       Can I compete with all the guys out there looking at the same jobs I am?

       What the heck do I want to do with my life? I mean I know I wanna work with animals but I want 
        variety and action, volunteer, be involved in my community, and spread the good word about Ag...but
        what will I do that let's me do that (besides own my own farm)?

       Will Cody and I survive without killing each other?

        Am I really cut out to be a farmer's wife??

The last one stems from the fact that I can be a bit of a control freak. And it's already been decided that I was going to be the sugar mama in this relationship which means I get a say in every choice (works well for me...not sure Cody agrees though haha).

Let's face it, you give me some animals and I am perfectly content to take care of them and all is well in the world. I really have no strong feelings about crops...I know I need them to feed my animals but how I get them really doesn't matter. Cody, on the other hand, loves crops. So yea we have both sides of the issue covered.

Caring for animals calms me down just as riding in the tractor calms Cody down.

And don't get me wrong, I like riding around in tractors too...but it usually puts me to sleep. Not really a good thing when you are trying to get something done (haying, harvest, you name it...I'm probably close to passing out while it's going on).

So after an (almost) argument about going to look at a corn planter this morning...I figured I needed some time to work through my issues. So I did what every normal person does...and went and prepped for my sows and piglets that are coming in this week. And then visited the Holstein steers that are currently on a study up here on campus.

I'm hoping sows and piglets will pull me out of my slump...but for now I will just continue to visit my new Holstein friends.

Aren't I a handsome steer?

Hey crazy lady, you stay right where you are...I'm watching you!!

Are you gonna come say Hi to me too? Huh, huh??

Mmmm tasty wrist, maybe I can wrap my tongue around it and chomp down?!
This is my favorite. He snuffled and let me scratch his itchy spots. Now he just needs a name...

How can you be depressed after looking at a face like that! Time to let my worries go for another day. How is everyone else this fine Wednesday?


  1. Nuthin' like some goofy cow faces to make you feel better! They certainly gave me a smile. Seriously miss the old bovines sometimes...but life moves on.
    Hope things are looking up for you. Maybe a little change of view was all you needed.
    I'm heading out to dig in the dirt for a little while. Next to seeing funny cow faces, planting is the next best thing. You know what they say: Gardening is great therapy...and you get tomatoes! (in this case lettuce) :)

  2. Animals sure do have a way of cheering us up quickly don't they? I think a change of view is really what I needed. Sitting at a desk all day can be hard on the soul.
    As for gardening...I'd be really tempted if we were talking potatoes and carrots! But hey, lettuce is good also :)
    Thanks for making me smile :)