Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weepy Woman

I have a problem. OK, I usually have several problems. But today I want to talk about my overly active tear ducts. Embarrassing right? Wait until you find out what exactly I tear up at...

Even though this movie is cheesy and OK, I admit it, getting to be an "old" movie to everyone born after the 90's, I still cry every time I watch the beginning.

You know the part I'm talking about right? In the beginning where the dog barely makes it into the shelter and then the dad stupidly tries to hold onto the storm cellar door and gets sucked up by the tornado, while Mom holds onto Jo and screams "Stay with me Jo!" Yep that part gets me every time. It's okay, you can make fun of me just like Cody (my long-suffering boyfriend) does.

But it's not just cheesy parts in movies I cry during. Nope, I cry during commercials, TV shows, while songs play on the radio, when other people get choked up and cry, and worst of all when animals are in pain. There has to be a disease associated with this problem.

Then there is this commercial. Yep. You guessed it. It makes me cry.

 Can you tell that I'm extremely emotionally attached to my dogs? Then again…do you blame me? OK, so the last 2 are my Mom's but hey I claim them too! 

How can you not like a dog that does this with her legs?

If you weren't embarrassed for me already then you might want to stop reading now. On Sunday I watched Serpent King on NatGeo Wild and I even teared up when the female King Cobra they were tracking was brutally murdered by a rogue male because she was pregnant with another male's offspring. I think I cry at least once during every episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol.

 Read this post, Compassion , you will cry too.

I think you get the point. I'm weepy. It's a problem. Course, sometimes when I weep it's for actual upsetting events, like the loss of pet, or having to move away from a place I love, but mostly I weep over very silly things.

Like in every Touched By An Angel episode when they show the person the error of their ways.

Or when that adorable little girl in the Cheerios commercial covers her dad in Cheerios.

Or when Wreck-It-Ralph says "I guess it turns out that I don't really need a medal to prove that I'm a good guy cuz if that little girl likes me, how bad can I be?" (I love Ralph because he reminds me of Cody)

Or when Merida succeeds in changing her mother back from a bear in Brave. She's my favorite Disney princess by far. 

Are you seeing a theme here? Animals, Disney movies, cute kids. All guaranteed to turn on the waterworks. It's a problem. But at least it's a good problem to have. And those can be hard to come by :) At least this one brings lots of laughs to those around me :) What makes your waterworks turn on?

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