Sunday, September 8, 2013

And So It Begins...

Oh to be young again...we were so adorable as high school seniors!
Hi, my name is Mandy Thomas! I feel as though I should have begun this blog years ago, especially since life was so much more entertaining then. I grew up in the horse country of Northern Virginia, where I spent most of my time playing soccer…until I broke my leg that is. When soccer was no longer an option, I convinced my mom to let us start fostering litters of puppies for rescues. Raising rescue puppies and helping the mama dogs to rehabilitate from their rough lives was a fantastic venture, one which will always be a cause near and dear to my heart. After high school, I was determined to spread my wings and try somewhere new. Well I definitely did that!

Trip to the Sierra Madres, Wyoming
I was extremely fortunate to attend the University of Wyoming and receive a BS in Animal Science: Business. I'm not sure it's entirely possible to capture my experience there in words. To say it was eye-opening and life-changing does not do the experience justice. After finding my way (aka switching from a major in Wildlife Management to Animal Science), I was lucky enough to become friends with Dave Lutterman, the manager of UW's Swine Unit. Becoming his sidekick would prove the most entertaining and enlightening experience someone could ever get. Riding around with a lifelong farm kid allows you a unique opportunity to hear stories from many decades and witness classic farmboy ingenuity firsthand. Running with Dave helped me become part of the native Laramie community and experience things I might not otherwise have had the chance to do as an out-of-stater.

Santa (Dave) and his elf (Me) at the Animal Science Christmas Party 2011

Calves owned by John and Kay Kemp, ranchers in Laramie, Wyoming
  (I was invited to help them brand, thanks to being friends with Dave---a big honor in the West!!)

*Snowmobiling (sledding) on the 4th of July*

I could post pictures of my favorites places in the world all day long…but I will save those for another day. Especially since I may have scarred you with the last one ;)

My years at UW were tumultuous and wonderful. I will always hold Wyoming in my heart and hope to get back there someday…but for now I am working on a Master's in Swine Nutrition at the University of Kentucky. It's been a rough road this last year, but this blog will serve as a way to gather my thoughts and maybe entertain some people :) So get ready for a diverse posting of topics which will probably include sharing stories, spreading agriculture awareness, thoughts from classes, and whatever else may strike my fancy. My past and future will always revolve around ag, and any place country will always Sound Like Home to Me.

Copyright 2013 Kelly Thomas

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