Sunday, September 15, 2013

No Matter What...I Can Never Support the Packers

We all suffer from this problem: wherever we grow up and whoever our parents support, it invariably ends up the same things we support when we get older.

My Dad was your typical sports supporter. After a morning spent at church you could find him snoozing on the couch with Football (or sometimes NASCAR) blaring on the screen. Oh man, those Sunday afternoons were lazy periods of overeating and long naps...and waking up only to find out what the score was. I miss those days.

But anyway, I'm from Northern take a guess who we supported? Yep, you guessed it, the Redskins. Through thick and thin, to this very day, I defend the Skins even when they are beyond defense. I know you all do the same thing for your respective teams!

What's funny is that after we lost my Dad to a heart attack, football ceased to be played (except for the Super Bowl of course) in our house. With a house full of females that's understandable though. We quickly fell back into soccer games all over God's Green Earth and then Puppy Adoption Events on Sundays.

Not watching football continued into college. Oh when I hung out with Cody and that crew I slept through their Sunday afternoon NASCAR and football games, but I never followed it myself. And for the next 3 years I would be too busy spending time at the cabin in the mountains or snowmobiling or any number of other things to waste time watching football.

I still don't watch football routinely. But you just try and beat on the Skins and I will still fight you til I'm blue in the face...even when I don't have any good reason to defend them so heartily. My defensiveness is further compounded by the fact that I am dating a die-hard Packers fan. I mean you can't blame the poor kid, he never had a chance growing up in Wisconsin ya know?

But to me, the Packers have always been and will always be lumped into that Enemy category that also houses the Eagles and the Cowboys. I know, I know, it doesn't make sense that I dislike the Packers so much. Maybe it's their awful uniform colors? Or their awful choice in players? Either way, I will never like the Packers...and man is it an epic battle when the Packers and Redskins get together. Even though the Skins have not shown up to the game today, I will continue to argue with Cody until I'm blue in the face about how awful the Packers are.

I mean how can you argue with me? Every time I hear the word Packers, this is what I envision...

It's crazy how much your parents and your environment influence your choices in the future. So even though the Skins have sometimes been a depressing enterprise to support, it could always be worse...I could be a Packers fan. And at this point, I would never be a Packers fan simply on principle. One Cheesehead is enough!

What battle lines get drawn in your families? Vehicles, sports teams, toilet seat up/down?? Let me know!


  1. I am a Packers fan and I was dating a Steelers fan when both teams went to the Super Bowl a few years ago. To make it worse we watched it at her parent's home, all Steelers fans. Very awkward for me.

    1. Wow I can only imagine how awkward that was! Especially when the Packers beat the about a rough day!