Sunday, September 29, 2013

Quilting to Get Me By

Quilting started as fluke for me, and I'm not really sure I can even classify myself as a quilter yet. Especially since I haven't done anything but make quilt blocks. One day last summer I just decided I needed to quilt.

To make this more complicated, I don't own a sewing machine. And may never own a sewing machine.

Honestly sewing machines terrify me. And they are expensive. But mostly I'm afraid of them. I have never been able to figure out how to use them without constantly having to fix something. Not to mention they are loud. And expensive. And did I mention they are scary?

So I sew everything by hand. Yep, everything. That doesn't mean I am an expert though. But I figure that will come with age.

And to make matters worse, I'm a Pinterestholic...remember? It's truly an addiction. If Pinterest had its way, I would have enough quilts to keep the world warm.

My brain is fried so I figured I would show you some of the blocks I have put together. If you are a quilter looking at these, please don't get upset. Remember I am a beginner...and I'm doing it all by hand!

Bearpaw (with dog bones and breast cancer fabrics)



One of my early can tell because they are a little uneven (and the left one isn't sewn together)!

OK so the next couple aren't really part of a quilt but hey they wanted to be shown off as well.
Pillows I had to make for Cody...plain but comfy!

One side of a tablet case for Cody
Other side of a tablet case for Cody

 And now back to the grind...and by grind I mean playing with piglets and waiting for some piglets to be born! I have a gilt (first time mama) I'm waiting on pigs from. I wish I had brought some sewing with me!!

Guess I will have to study and wait for nature to take its course!

OK, everybody needs some piglets to get them by :)


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