Sunday, October 6, 2013

If Only Reading My Life Away Was An Option

If I had a choice, I would read all day, every day, for the REST of my life. Seriously.

I think I should have been a book editor instead of a future farmer.

Then again, I would probably never go outside. Or cook. Or bake. Or really do anything.

And I hear being a book editor really isn't all that much fun.

So I'm probably where I am supposed to be.

ANYWAY, the school year ends up being a big dry spell for me when it comes to reading because I always seem to be worried about schoolwork and can't afford to get distracted by reading.

This is why when I go home for Christmas I end up reading about 30+ books in a couple weeks time...or really anytime I go home.

Over the years I have voraciously devoured any book that has been bought or any book that looks even remotely interesting from the library.

Then...I got a Kindle Fire for my birthday. I wasn't expecting this at all. I've always been that person that looooooves holding books in her hand. Looooooves rereading them so many times the bindings are permanently broken. So what on Earth was I supposed to do with this Kindle?

It didn't take long for me to fall completely head over heels for my new friend. Not that I don't still devour tangible books, but I devour even more books on my Kindle.

This age of constant motion has one issue. I will literally only buy books that are 3.99 or under. Every month the Kindle store pops up with a list of monthly deals under 3.99.

I think most of this stems from the fact that I'm a poor graduate student...and reading cheap books lets me read a million more books than if I bought those best name sellers. Plus (and I know this is awful), I feel like if I am going to pay full price for a book, I want to hold it in my hand...and I don't mean in my hand, on my Kindle.

You would be surprised at the awesome books you can find in these monthly deals.

I read one this morning about a family whose youngest daughter had disappeared and then was found 2 years later living right down the road. It was a touching, emotional tale of rebuilding a life and a family in the wake of such a haunting journey. I choked up and cried throughout the novel, but especially at the end. I feel like the ends are always the kickers. I'm never sure if it's because of the way the stories ended or because of the way I was impacted by what I read. Probably a bit of both.

If you are looking for a good read, check out Emma's Secret by Steena Holmes. There are actually 3 other books that go along with this one (which I found out AFTER reading this one), but you don't need to read the other 3 to delve into Emma's Secret.

I started another book right away called A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans. The title pretty much explains the book. The author, Rachel, spends a year doing all of the things and following all of the standards that women in the Bible are responsible for and held up to. I have a feeling it will definitely be a memorable journey, for her, and for me. So look for an upcoming book review that you probably won't want to miss!!

Happy Sunday!

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