Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dreaming Too Big

The closer I get to the end of my Master's Program, the more I wonder what I will do once I am done.

What adventure will I go on then?

How can I do everything I want to do? What will I have to sacrifice? Should I have to sacrifice all my big dreams?

I have many dreams...and they are nothing spectacular or world changing, but dreams none the less. Seeing this video the other day brought me to tears (nothing new there!) because it sums up some of my hopes and dreams.

I can see the future in my head, just not the pathway to it. Maybe I will never be able to fulfill all of my dreams, perhaps it is not in God's plans for me, but I want to start now.

Getting into farming and ranching today can be a difficult task. It's an unfortunate fact that farmers are aging and the young people are leaving rural communities, which means the opportunity for the younger generations to farm is there...but it can be very expensive to start an operation. There are many programs and foundations (like the foundation that made the video above: FarmOn) available and becoming available to help support young farmers and ranchers in their endeavors. But it is still terrifying. But I guess all the important things are terrifying aren't they? It means they matter.

Patience is a virtue. At least that's what we are told. Patience in farmers and ranchers is essential. But how do you develop patience when you are impatient to start something?

I do not feel fulfilled in my life. OK, so I am only 23, but I want to begin working for my dreams now.

I won't share all of my dreams because the list may be overwhelming but I want and need to be part of a community again. I want to foster kids (and animals) and help families in need, give people a place to have events and weddings, farm, and most of all share my love of agriculture with those who are not fortunate enough to be involved.

Is it possible to dream too big?

I don't think so.

But it will be an interesting adventure...and I guess what will be, will be.

So what are some of your dreams?

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