Friday, February 21, 2014

Christmas Lights and Broken Legs

Valentine's Day has come and gone but since we still have our Christmas tree up (yep, you read that correctly) I am going to post the pictures I took when we drove through the Bull Run Festival of Lights in January. It was a weird holiday season for us with our Mom in the hospital right up until Christmas Eve and then in a drug-induced haze for a week or so. So we postponed driving through Christmas lights until she was lucid and able enough to crutch to the car. Doesn't everybody drag their mother who is only a week out of the hospital on family outings? No? Well why not?!?!

I wish I had a video of us trying to get her to the car with ice on the ground...but we were laughing too hard for me to even think about getting a video. We really crack ourselves up. It's a talent. Seriously.

The real fun came when we got to the light show. I know what you're thinking. How much fun can it seriously be to drive through a light show? Trust me, we make everything funny.

We didn't end up on this adventure until days after New Year's so luckily there weren't many people surrounding us as we drove through the lights. You see, there were signs all throughout the drive saying "Do NOT Stop, Speed Limit 20mph". That went right out the window with me. I try, I really do, to follow all the rules and be a good girl. But some rules are made to be broken. Thank heavens there was nobody around to enforce this rule cuz I would have ended up in a Candy Cane Jail. It became a game of speeding through the boring parts so I could crawl through the pretty sections that we all wanted pictures of without the car behind us catching up. I even backed up once. YIKES!

I wish I could have given you pictures taken from my sisters nice camera, BUT her car window was frozen shut during this outing. Which means you have to suffer through cell phone photos :) ...that were taken with the windows down. Yep, we drove the entire thing with our windows down. And it was coooold. But it was worth it. Every frozen toe.

This is my personal favorite...since Foxhunting pretty much rules our area. 

Dear penguin...doesn't jumping off your igloo hurt?

Falling snow....HOW COOL IS THIS?!?!

Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer...OK, I'll stop ;)

Is this Smokey the Bear? No fires that night!! 

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